Saturday, 12 March 2011

A trip in the cathedral

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The intention to deceive is one that we live with in the UK constantly and it drives us to mistrust.  It is assumed today that you are a dishonest person here in the UK, at least by commerce and civil authorities a good deal of the time and it seems to me that it is an assumption that is gaining pace into other areas of our lives.

We have created a society that distrusts and so we have all sorts of checks and security information we need to remember, stuff our grandparents would have laughed at.  But then our world is a more complex one for us to live in and one that has given us international travel, the internet and greater wealth for many in the western world.

Yet in moments of crisis we were okay, at least then, when need was real and urgent we could be sure that people would put aside this mistrust and come to our aid.  Certainly that has been my experience, in helping out in a time of national disaster, that ordinary people have been generous and willing to help without question.

I said, ‘we were okay’ because today we could face mistrust in moments of trouble.  If you fall on the property of a cathedral, be aware that the apparent kindness of the designated first aider and her conspicuous over zealous reaction to a few bruises and scrapes, including the emergency blanket may be more to do with avoiding legal claims against the cathedral than concern for your injuries, or am I simply a mistrusting product of our age?


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