Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Do you remember?

Groucho MarxCover of Groucho Marx
Karl Marx, I believe, said that ‘religion was the opiate of the masses’, but today, I believe, BBC Radio 2 is that opiate.

Now this is a most outrageous comment for me to make as I don’t listen to radio 2, but I have an impression of radio 2.  For those who are outside the UK then I suggest you think of any radio station that is a mix of inane chat and eclectic music of the popular variety.  I imagine we all comment on things we only have an impression of in reality.

I was thinking, last night, that if I had read half the books I possess then I would be a clever cat indeed, except that the ones I have read I hardly remember in any sort of detail.  Yet I will believe that I know something of Karl Marx and for that matter Groucho Marx, because I’ve read about them at some point in my life.

The truth is my memory isn’t that good and I am often surprised when I revisit a book and find that my ‘hero’ in it wasn’t all that good or that someone I thought was a villain, in fact did some good things after all.

For you it will be different, perhaps you remember most that you read or hear or see, but I’m guessing your more like me, forgetful and possessing a rather unreliable memory.

Well here’s the punch line.  It’s like that with the Bible and the things inside, so it’s a good idea to read it again, now and then.  Perhaps if we did then we might find more that we can agree on than that which divides us.


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  1. Hi Mr C, while I agree that we could all benefit from getting to know our bible better, I fear that may not resolve all our differences as it makes a real difference how you interpret what you read. For example it makes a crucial difference where you imagine yourself in the story.
    Yesteday I heard a very good lecture in which I heard how the supporters of the slave trade in the time of Wilberforce and the sopporters of apartheid in S Africa were both able to produce extensive arguments from scripture to support their respective arguments.
    Best wishes and have a good Lent (do you get extra fish in Lent or do you give it up?)