Thursday, 10 March 2011

Did Jesus sell toys to the Romans?

Map of Roman Palestine with the Decapolis citi...Image via WikipediaI was wondering if Jesus sold toys to the Romans?

What I mean is that He was a carpenter’s son and so He might have helped His Dad out and had a go at making wooden toys.  He lived near the Decapolis, the towns that were multicultural and more integrated with Roman ways.  And so voilĂ ; Did Jesus sell toys to the Romans?

Either way it sheds light on His ministry and a good deal on the content of the Bible.  For example, the towns of the Decapolis minted their own coinage and I guess they were proud of the fact that they could.  Being aware of this in Jesus’ background makes the passage concerning the question of whose image was on the coin more interesting.

Jesus’ exposure to the more ‘liberal’ society of the Decapolis might also shed light on His message of forgiveness and getting along with one another better.  It is an interesting thought that God’s arrangement of the incarnation at that moment and in that place produced the man, Jesus and it may be that the Decapolis went some way to form His character.

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  1. So his command that people have to become like little children was in truth a capitalist ploy to help his father's toy business to grow!