Friday, 18 March 2011

Christ's redemptive work and The Big Bible Project

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I wonder if we understand the business of Christ’s redemption.  I mean what do YOU believe, how does it all work for you?

For those who have been to theological college and so on there may be some ‘official’ version and sure, there are theological arguments that go along with this territory, but what I really am wondering about is what we think about Christ’s redemption of everything in ordinary terms.

I am not thinking here about the evangelically enthusiastic sermons that I believe is the regular diet at such churches or the deeply devotional and mysterious goings on in the Anglo-Catholic churches.  I mean in the ordinary ‘on the street’ sort of way.

Lots of Christians are meeting in groups as is their tradition during lent to discuss all sorts of things and much of it will be exciting and rewarding, but it’s not even that that I’m thinking of.

I’m thinking of the person who doesn’t go to church but considers her religion to be 'Church of England'.  What about the man who is a solid establishment man, a Freemason and a member of the local government, invited to grand Cathedral events but otherwise never goes to church, nonetheless a ‘Christian’ and a keen supporter of the church.
What do these people believe about Jesus?
Substantially, in the end it is about the Bible and about reading the Bible!  It is about understanding what we read in the context of community, and that just isn’t part of most people’s experience, here in the UK today.

What can you do about it?  Well I’m not sure but going to the Big Bible website can’t be a bad start!
However this is only a beginning and in many ways it still doesn’t answer my question as the people I’m thinking of probably don’t know about the Big Bible project.  I still wonder what they believe about Christ’s redemptive work.



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