Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A very Inappropriate candidate

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My Dear Bishop

I have finished the series of interviews regarding Jason Christopher and his stated desire to be ordained.  I consider him to be a very inappropriate candidate and do not believe that he has a ‘calling’ to priestly ministry.

I have noted in detail, elsewhere, my concerns about Jason but I will summarise the substantial evidence for my prime concern here.

Firstly it is alarming that most of his friends appear to be male and that he is unmarried.  Jason further confided in me that he had visited prostitutes on many occasions but that he had never had sexual relations with any one of them.  This is a worry.

Jason also recounted a very perturbing act of lewdness.  He admitted that he had been kissed by a man, and that this was openly in a public place in full view of others.  It is not the conduct becoming of a person seeking Holy Orders and he also went on to reveal that he and the man in question fell out soon after the kiss.  This is typical of men who are sexually attracted to other men; they have regular spats and are continually fighting amongst themselves and falling out.

I understand further, from a letter that was passed to me anonymously that another man claimed that Jason ‘loved him’ and this kind of thing is deeply worrying.  If this sort of thing got into the press then the scandal would be most damaging.  It is something we should not countenance and it is not something we would have control over.

There are several other concerns about Jason that preclude him from suitability for ordination, not least his relationship with authority and tendency to be subversive.  He is far too outspoken and fails to realise the difficulties facing the Anglican Communion today, he would never achieve high office and would be a thorn in the side of us all were he ever to do so.

As far as his education is concerned, I note that he has not attended the best schools and failed to achieve a place at either university.

You will, by now, understand why I cannot recommend Mr Christopher as a suitable candidate for ordination.

On a personal note, may I express my heartfelt concern on hearing about your separation from Felicity?  It is a difficult time for you both, I realise, but I also know that Adam will continue to be a real support to you through this time.  I am delighted that he has been able to take time out of his busy schedule to be with you at the Palace and offer you his support.

Yours sincerely

Rev’d  P Giddings
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