Sunday, 12 June 2011

Contradictory Cat

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Mr C has been working hard on his stuff and is amazed at how many people find his stuff worth clicking onto.  He has so many bits and bobs going on, video’s written blogs and now cartoons, it is hard to know what to do sometimes.

This blogging stuff is very complicated and I haven’t found a guidebook for cats on the internet so I have to muddle though.  This is time consuming, but that’s ok as long as it still allows me cat nap time, but it can lead me into hot water sometimes.

Financing a project like this is really hard and that will mean some changes will have to be made and some things just can’t be done, but it is amazing what can be done with a lot of help from a very few ‘special’ friends, Thank you.

Moving from poking highly irreverent fun at figures you hold dear to deep theological, moral or political and international issues sometimes reveals an uncomfortable juxtapositioning of material, but so far it sees to be working.  The corny cartoons are a new thing and comments, good or bad would be appreciated!

Continuity in a cat is not usual, thank goodness, so MrC can be very contradictory; it’s a perk of being a cat.

On punctuation and spelling. Well there’s times to make an effort and get it right, but oftimes I decide to get it rong: other times I just plain make mistakes!

On the matter of smilies J. I LOVE using them. They are my way of saying, “your great”, or “I’m not trying to hurt you”… etc.  Mr C was one of the first to realise how to make the smiley (along with others at the time who saw the same possibility I’m sure) way back before the internet as you know it existed.  It caught on with cixen (as we were known) and has gone from strength to strength.  I am sure it existed somewhere well before then though.

Mr C appreciates all your visits and is truly honoured to hear you comments and encouragements.

Thank You.

Mr C
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