Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Reporting the Anglican Covenant 'debate' in Diocesan Synods.

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It is said that the oxygen of democracy is the media.  Yesterday I suggested that the oxygen of synodical democracy in the Church of England was both stale and a little fetid at times.

I also suggested that the matter of the ‘Anglican Covenant’ as a debate at Deanery level was being quashed by some Bishops by making the issue one of approval rather than debate at Diocesan Synods.

My evidence for this is anecdotal.  I would hope that each Anglican Diocesan Synod might have a reporter, which could be anyone, who would be willing to post a report of their diocesan debate on that one issue so that it might be published here on the www and available for all to read.

Perhaps this is already being done?  Any thoughts?  Mr CatOLick would be happy to host the reports if necessary.


  1. Happy to provide updates from Southwark when we get to it. Interestingly the then acting diocesan, the Bishop of Kingston expressed his unhappiness with the covenant as part of his last presidential address at our November Synod meeting.

  2. Many thanks, one small step for us all.