Friday, 18 February 2011

If who was Archbishop of Canterbury?

If Mr Sentimoo, the archbishop of York were the Archbishop of Canterbury, would the proposed powers of the Anglican covenant look as comfortable as they might today?

Given the bullying of Synod by Sentimoo that I have witnessed over the last two years and the blatant cow-towing of the chair of synod to him, the acquiescence of the establishment in his abuse of position over the Anglican Covenant that he opposes, then the powers that the Anglican Covenant would put in his hands could cause serious harm and deep division for people who did not agree with him.

If Bishops are prepared to stoop to bullying tactics and are insensitive to the feelings of others, as many are, can we truly put more power in their hands?  Transparency in our relationships is essential and equality must be what we strive for.  The hierarchical structure of the Anglican covenant is our potential downfall and it will, if adopted, bring unhappiness and injustice to people of integrity and faith.

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