Monday, 27 December 2010

Anglican covenant Video's by Susangagelmt, on Youtube.

These Video's about the Anglican covenant are very good indeed.

This Sermon Will Not Preach  by susangagelmt on Youtube


Friday, 24 December 2010

that detail demands that you and I do not hate

The mystery of Christmas is that God became human in order that we might be forgiven.  In this statement of faith there are so many challenges for you and I. That each one of us has been given the opportunity to be saved from sin is challenging because it demands from us all the acceptance that every person 'that ever there was' may be forgiven.

No matter how terrible their sin; ‘he died to save us all’ and that detail demands that you and I do not hate, not endlessly anyhow.  To live the life of salvation is to live the life of potential forgiveness each and every day, each and every moment.  It is no coincidence that at Christmas time we love the story of Scrooge finding that he can be good and that he has the chance to make amends.  It is an Easter story and that is what Christmas is all about.

The challenge facing us is that we must allow that God offers forgiveness to all people.  The challenge is for us to dwell on all those we ‘hate’ and imagine their forgiveness.  This is hard for our world to accept and harder still for many whose religious views preach hatred of others at their core.  In Christianity the essence is not so much about proclaiming what is right and wrong or indeed declaiming others as right or wrong but about God offering us all His salvation.

He was born that we might be forgiven.


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Many many thanks to Graham Richards for putting us on to this one!

FairfaxChurchChrist | 07 January 2009 | 
This delightful parody written by Mark Brady tells the Christmas story in a new and...unique...way that will touch the hearts of generations to come. Enjoy!

Mr CatOLick has been to Greenland

Lesley's Blog: Day off guilt

Lesley's Blog: Day off guilt

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Chris evans

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum.  Mixed metaphor I realise but it's cute.  I've been battling with Mr CatOLick's website today and I hope you like the outcome, there's a link above here I hope.Comfortably nestled in the Forest SnowImage by Vainsang via Flickr

I'm also playing about with this blogging lark and hoping that the various offers of help that vendors have provided me with make your stay here all the nicer.  If not then it's not been worth the effort!

However I am able to thank my friends at Twitter who have helped me to find copyright free stuff to use on the website. xxx

Tomorrow sees the publication of the Christmas Video and it will be better than anything Radio 2 can offer at York.  The synod juices are frozen, like the rest of the UK and i may give myself a break after Christmas. One thing's for sure, this www stuff is addictive. Bye bye for now.

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Winter/Ice-age is here?

With the weather hitting the UK and Europe hard this winter speculation is building that we are on the brink of a new ice-age.  It all began with the electorate giving politicians the cold shoulder over  the the expenses row but it soon developed into a real chill during the elections of 2010.

The feeling here at MrC’s studio is that the situation may get worse before it ever gets better.  My prediction is that the government will be forced to put the kettling on more often.
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Monday, 13 December 2010

Synodical tradition in London and York

One of the other quaint practices that I have encountered at General Synod is that of eating out in a large group or in a more sinister styled group of two or three.  The latter being adopted by Bishops more ususally.  Then the tradition is to move on to a venue that stays open till late, say two in the morning.  We are uncertain how many Bishops adopt the ‘night owl’ part of the practice openly.

Anyhow the main preoccupation during the whole of the tradition in London is to talk about all the other members of synod who are not present at the table and to poo-poo their ideas, their dress sense, their predicted voting preferences and their general friendliness, or lack of it.

After this process has ended, which may take most of the evening, the tradition is that matters move on to who is likely to be the next Diocesan Bishop of ‘Wheresoever and Therewithal’.  It is thought that this is indeed the conversation most preferred by some Archdeacons and many a Suffragan.  The hilarity that ensues as each probable and improbable candidate is shoe horned into the prospect is a sight to see; with many a stocking clad leg being thrust into the air wantonly, as the ecstatic owner falls off her chair in unbounded laughter and derision.  Great fun is had by many.

What never fails to amaze me is that whilst these discussions can go on well into the night all  participants will be found in the chamber the following morning, and quite a few at synod too.

Of course at York none of this is applicable or at least the tradition is somewhat curtailed as the University security staff now bar all synod members from any rooms other than their beds after eleven.   The situation has become more desperate in recent years as more security staff have been pressed to control the nocturnal revelry of synod members.

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Friday, 10 December 2010

Mr CatOLick chats to Pastor Dave.

Hello ladies and Gentlemen.

Here it is, the latest Video.  As promised, my interview with American (what an accent) Pastor Dave.

Watch it here.

It is more polished that the last production and I do hope you enjoy it.  Next timeI hope to have some timely thoughts on 'Your Church' and the Christmas Season.


Monday, 6 December 2010

Synodical Tea Rooms

Well I thought I would talk to you about the tea rooms at church house during General synod last month.  Firstly, if you'r unfamiliar with the carry on there, the food is varied  offering both a cooked option as well as various sandwiches, well that is unless you arrive late and then its tuna.  The prices are good for London but I’m told that the food at the Methodist establishment over the road is more varied and cheaper.  In church house the tea and coffee are free!

The overall ambience of the room is a bit odd I’m afraid.  Certainly the wood panelled walls might have been ordered for the Bishops, to make them feel quite at home.  The panelling also has the effect of making the rest of us feel awkwardly superior compared to the student demonstrators ‘kettled’  in the wintry cold outside.
SandwichImage via Wikipedia I did espy a policeman in full riot gear charge through the main doors of church house and minutes later reappear from the lower floor.  He charged out again with a little less speed, this time zipping his trousers up as he ran.

That aside, it is the seating arrangements that are truly dire in the tea rooms during General synod.  Knowing that you’re Catering for over 400 members, guests and hangers on might enable you to ensure adequate seating.  It turns out that this is not the case at all. Yes there are tables and chairs, for about 100 at most, the rest have to perch where they can.  The grand wooden panelling and fine ceiling are exposed to the rag tag flopping about of ladies and gentlemen clutching plates of hot food and splashing tea cups close to one another.  The scene would be reminiscent of a debauched ball were it not for the sincere and often serious faces of the participants.

For myself I managed to sit on the floor in a corner of the room and espied the various members pottering about, looking hither and thither as to whom they might like to ‘sit’ next to, or more importantly who they might like to avoid.

Listening to the discussions can be interesting, especially at this synod because of the wheeling and dealings people get up to; such as asking for support for their election to various comittees and posts and suchlike.  They are very blatant.

In a rather amusing cameo, I espied a rather shiny trouser bottomed archdeacon from a northern diocese offering the very last tuna surprise to a short cassocked monk not used to such luxury food items.  I felt the religious grabbed the sandwich with rather more speed and confidence than he should be familiar with.

Hey Ho MrC

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Interview with Pastor Dave.

The Interview with Pastor Dave was recorded today and will be broadcast on Friday via Youtube.   The technical production issues continue to be improved and viewers will be treated to a more interesting style in this video.

Pastor Dave came over to the UK exclusively to be interviewed by MrC and we hoped for a very entertaining time with him.  In the event it was a somewhat intriguing interview with some odd happenings in the studio.  All will be revealed on Friday.

Tribute to Ruthie and Lesley

Mr C's Tribute to Ruthie and Lesley