Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Chris evans

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum.  Mixed metaphor I realise but it's cute.  I've been battling with Mr CatOLick's website today and I hope you like the outcome, there's a link above here I hope.Comfortably nestled in the Forest SnowImage by Vainsang via Flickr

I'm also playing about with this blogging lark and hoping that the various offers of help that vendors have provided me with make your stay here all the nicer.  If not then it's not been worth the effort!

However I am able to thank my friends at Twitter who have helped me to find copyright free stuff to use on the website. xxx

Tomorrow sees the publication of the Christmas Video and it will be better than anything Radio 2 can offer at York.  The synod juices are frozen, like the rest of the UK and i may give myself a break after Christmas. One thing's for sure, this www stuff is addictive. Bye bye for now.

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