Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter/Ice-age is here?

With the weather hitting the UK and Europe hard this winter speculation is building that we are on the brink of a new ice-age.  It all began with the electorate giving politicians the cold shoulder over  the the expenses row but it soon developed into a real chill during the elections of 2010.

The feeling here at MrC’s studio is that the situation may get worse before it ever gets better.  My prediction is that the government will be forced to put the kettling on more often.
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  1. More tea - that is the answer -- everything can be solved over a good cup of tea. Thanks

  2. Oh - not a word I had heard of over across the Atlantic - I still prefer tea kettles to kettling

  3. Dear Ann. Kettling is a word used here to decribe the police force's habit of coraling schoolchildren in small spaces for long hours and occasionally breaking ranks to charge them with twenty or so large horses at speed. It is in response to their demonstrating against the government. We Brisitsh still do things the old fashioned way. lol MrC

  4. How awful -- thanks for explaining.